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Read RL C.'s review of Ski Haus on Yelp    This review is absurd, riddled with misinformation and exactly the type of review you'd expect to find on Yelp. 50% of Lisa's reviews are 1 or 2 stars and are just as ridiculous as this one.  At any rate, we never sell anything above retail or mark it up and take the same discount off.  Being that she is from NYC I am pretty confident she has us confused with another shop more local.  Anyway, we are aggressively priced and meet or beat any pricing from any store, online or brick...

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Read Eric P.'s review of Ski Haus on Yelp  Since I cannot respond to this review on Yelp, I will do so here.  Heat Molding a ski or snowboard boot takes roughly a half an hour and that's if everything goes perfectly.  It can easily take an hour or more if there is additional work/tweeking that needs to be done which is oftentimes is the case. This particular customer showed up with boots he did not purchase from us 8 minutes before closing.  I personally told him it was not "ideal" because I had to get home for our sitter...

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