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Yelp Review Owner Response - Eric P. Carmel, NY

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 Since I cannot respond to this review on Yelp, I will do so here.  Heat Molding a ski or snowboard boot takes roughly a half an hour and that's if everything goes perfectly.  It can easily take an hour or more if there is additional work/tweaking that needs to be done which is oftentimes is the case. This particular customer showed up with boots he did not purchase from us 8 minutes before closing.  I personally told him it was not "ideal" because I had to get home for our sitter but he could come back first thing Monday.  In addition, there are no transactions from an "Eric P." in our system for 1K or anything even close from the last several years.  At any rate, it really doesn't matter how much or how little was or wasn't spent,  or whether it was 8 or 15 minutes.  The bottom line is that the request was unreasonable, inconsiderate and would have required me and 1 or 2 other employees to stay well past closing on a Sunday night.  We don't ever like to say no but sometimes, like in this instance, we have too. Like most, we have families to get home to and babysitters we pay by hour.