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Yelp Review - RL C. New York, NY

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 This review is so absurd, riddled with misinformation and exactly the type of review you'd expect to find on Yelp. 50% of Lisa's reviews are 1 or 2 stars and are just as ridiculous as this one.  At any rate, we never sell anything above retail or mark it up and take the same discount off. That's just lunacy.  Being that she is from NYC I am pretty confident she has us confused with another shop more local to you.  Anyway,we are aggressively priced and meet or beat any pricing from any brick and mortar shop or anyone online.  If we don't match an internet price it is almost always because it is not apples to apples.  In example, online sites are often misleading and intentionally do not put the year of the product.  We can't match a price on something current to something that is leftover from the previous year.  Nearly 10 times out of 10 when we are asked to match a price we are either lower or being asked to match a price on something completely different, whether it be a different size, color, model or year. A business that priced things the way Lisa is suggesting would not be in business since 1962 like we have been.