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Yelp Review Owner Response - Brian T Great Barrington, MA

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 Covid forced a lot of businesses to do things differently. To say that the past 2 season were challenging would be an understatement, especially with unreasonable, entitled and, quite frankly, mean people like Brian. Calling one of our employees "pudgy" and saying that a family business that has been around since 1962 should be "shut down permanently". Really?! Says more about you than us Brian. Judging by your Yelp reviews, you may be the common denominator in your difficulty with businesses and people.

  At any rate, we followed every guideline in place knowing there would be customers that would not agree with whatever approach we took. Those are the breaks in unchartered waters. That is why we had put a sign on the door letting people we would not be enforcing a mask policy as it was not mandated at the time. No one forced Brian and his girlfriend/wife to enter our store. It was their choice and he was fully aware of our policy prior to entering as indicated in his review. Seems that Brian didn't have a problem with this until after he couldn't get his way and was told there was not a sufficient enough time left in the work day to begin the boot selection process.

  Anybody who has been fitted for ski/snowboard boots knows that a half hour is not a sufficient amount of time to make the appropriate/right decision. Usually finding the right boot takes a minimal of an hour and the heat mold, which we include with a boot purchase, takes a half hour on top of that. There are many services we provide that can be done shortly before closing, but boot fitting is not one of them. At no point were any of our employees rude, Brian just didn't get his way and headed over to Yelp.