Price Match Guarantee

Support Local
      Here at Ski Haus we guarantee the lowest price for all your you winter or summer time needs. If you should find a product for less, whether online or at a brick and mortar ski/snowboard shop, we will be happy to match it as long as the following requirements are met :
  • Same Year
  • Same Model
  • Same Size 
  • Same Color
  • Product is not from a third party site like eBay or Amazon where there is either no manufacturer's warranty and/or it is being sold by an unauthorized dealer.
     Also, please keep in mind that there are a variety of services we provide with the products we sell that you simply cannot get online. For example, each pair of ski boots or snowboard boots purchased from Ski Haus includes a custom heat mold and a guaranteed fit which includes any work/modification that needs to be done on the boots...FOREVER!