Intuition Pro Tour Liner Medium Volume

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 Intuition Pro Tour Liner

  The Pro Tour is a durable, light weight, softer flexing liner that is ideal for A/T and telemark skiing.  The strategic rear panel increases comfort and range of motion for tour-ability while the optional lace system, alternate tongues and supple cuff offer solid support and responsiveness. All of this works in combination to enhance performance both ascending and descending.
Available in 3 thicknesses to accommodate any volume foot and shell.

If your shell is a half size, round up for this model.

This model can be worn ‘out of the box’, heat molded with the home fit kit or fit by a professional boot fitter


Tongue Style Liner, Flex Panel in Heel, 9mm Sole, Anti-Microbial Lining Treatment, Available in 3 thicknesses

Low Volume

Height (cm): 27-32cm, Weight (grams): 392-554g

Medium Volume

Height (cm): 26-34cm, Weight (grams): 366-632g

High Volume

Height (cm): 26-33cm, Weight (grams): 422-672g


Checking Shell Fit

  In order to determine the right thickness of liner for you, start by checking your shell fit. To do this, pull the existing liner out of the shell. Stand with your bare foot inside the bare shell, and move your foot all the way forward so that your toes are touching the end. Bend your knee and flex forward a bit so that you can slide your hand or even a pencil into the shell behind your leg. How many fingers can you fit between your heel and the shell?

One finger (1/2”) or less- Low Volume

One – two fingers (1/2″-1¼”) – Med Volume

More than two fingers (1½” +)- High Volume

 The Pro Tour liner has the option of replacement tongues…the Flex Tongue, Power Tongue, and Thick Tongue. The Flex Tongue is a direct replacement for the tongue included on the Pro Tour Liner. It is stiff at the top with flex at the bottom. The Power Tongue is stiff all the way down. The Thick Tongue is the highest volume tongue option that we offer. It is stiff and thick all the way through.


  • Tongue Style Liner
  • Flex Panel in Heel
  • 9mm Sole
  • Anti-Microbial Lining Treatment
  • Available in 3 thicknesses

Why Are Intuition Custom Ski Boot Liners So Different?

  Ultralon Closed Cell Foam: What sets intuition apart from all the other liners now on the market is the proprietary Ultralon closed cell foam. Closed cell foam is the material used in wetsuits, which gives it incredible insulation properties. This means that it maintains body heat inside the boot. Unlike open cell foam which is more like the foam in a seat cushion, which will absorb water and let cold air pass through.

  By itself Ultralon is a rigid material, so it alleviates the need for excess stiffening materials. This makes the Intuition liner considerably lighter than any other liner on the market.
The material properties of ultralon closed cell foam add strength, structure and durability to the liner. For the avid skier, a typical liner may only last one season before packing out. Intuition liners will be sure to last 200 full days of skiing. 

  The Ultralon can be molded up to three different times with no compromise to the liner’s integrity. This means your liner can be transferred twice to different or new shells after your initial fitting. Whether it be a slight change in the shape/size of your foot, or a transfer to a new shell, the liners can be remolded for a new customized fit. 

  Thermo-Moldable: Traditionally, one ski boot was made to fit all foot types. The Intuition Liner is unlike any on the market because once heated the liner will take the exact shape of the entire foot. Since the liner can be specifically customized to your foot and your shell there is a perfect transfer of energy from your foot to the liner to the shell. This gives your ski set up an ultra-responsive feel, because no energy is lost in open spaces or sloppy cushioning. 

  New Wrap Technology: The new wrap will increase the performance of any boot, new or old. Because the wrap binds on itself it actually stiffens the boot and transfers pressure to the ski tips better than a tongued liner does. Adding an intuition liner to an old shell is an economical way to give new life to your skiing experience.  

How it's made

  For Intuition liners, only the best will do. All of our products are made from our very own, specially formulated thermo-forming closed cell EVA foam. This foam consists of millions of tiny cells, or bubbles, which are created by pouring measured amounts of the mixed ingredients into a two-piece mold which is heated slowly and evenly to a specific temperature and pressure. It is then allowed to cool to ambient temperature before the mold is opened and the foam is removed.

Why it's great!

  Only Intuition has access to this unique material, which has a very uniform cell structure and high percentage (70% – 80%) of cross-linkage between molecules in each cell wall. This means that the foam does not allow the gases in each of the tiny bubbles to migrate to the others, which would change the shape of the foam. The membrane between the cells is treated with chemical “fillers” which create a more homogeneous membrane. These properties result in the ability to heat-mold the foam into a specific shape, which it will retain until re-heated. This is how Intuition guarantees the highest quality ‘memory’, the least heat-related shrinkage, and the most resistance to ‘packing out’.

Weight and Warmth

  All Intuition foams are much lighter than materials used in traditional stitched and injection liners. Our liners are not weighed down by heavy plastics or powder fillers, and even our stiffest cuff reinforcements are made of 100% foam. Intuition liners will not only provide you with superior warmth and comfort, they are also up to 0.5 kilograms (1 pound) lighter than other brands.

Molding and Memory

  Molding Intuition liners to your foot and your boot at the same time, allows us to provide a completely customized, full contact fit. The process requires that the liner be heated for a period of time, until the foam is soft and malleable. It is then ready to mold to your foot and the inside of your boot for increased comfort and improved performance. The foam can be reheated several times without compromise, which means molded liners can be spot-heated for small specific adjustments, or completely re-molded to fit them to new shells or footbeds.