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Apex XP

Apex Ski Boots

Apex XP

$ 899.00

Apex XP 

  Big Mountain Performance, All Day Comfort! Apex introduces the Big Mountain Performance design with exciting new color and outstanding performance. Designed to take you anywhere on the mountain that you want to go!

  • All Mountain Performance “Open Chassis™” design.
  • Boa double cross closure system for precise adjustment.
  • Heat moldable inner liner.
  • Tunable A-Flex Suspension™, cuff alignment, and micro adjustment buckles.

Foot Length to Apex Size

Foot Length Inches Foot Length Metric APEX SIZE
<8 td=""> 212 22
8 ⅜ - 8 ¾ 212-222 23
8 ¾ - 9 ⅛ 222-232 24
9 ⅛ - 9 ½ 232 - 242 25
9 ½ - 10" 242 - 252 26
10" - 10 ¼ 252 - 262 27
10 ¼ - 10 ⅝ 262 - 272 28
10 ⅝ - 11" 272 - 282 29
11" - 11 ½ 282 - 292 30
11 ½ - 12" 292 - 302 31


6 Easy Steps to finding your perfect fit.

  The Apex boot design offers a vastly simplified fitting process from that of traditional boots. The key to getting a good fit is to be certain of the length of your longest foot. Yes, most people have one foot that is slightly longer than the other, and it’s not always related to whether you are right or left handed as is popularly believed. So, we will start with measuring both of your feet.

NOTE: Base your Apex boot size off your measurement results, NOT your old boot size. If you base your order on your old size it will be too small.  AGAIN, DO NOT DOWNSIZE!

  1. Find a ruler, yardstick or tape measure, preferably with metric units, but either metric or imperial units will work.
  2. Put on a pair of light weight socks you will be skiing in. Yup, only one pair.
  3. Place the ruler against the wall with zero toward the wall.
  4. Stand on the ruler with your heels against the wall and have another individual determine how long your foot is to the longest toe.
  5. Make the same measurement of your other foot.
  6. How long is your longest foot? Measure your longest foot and use the chart below to know your Apex size!

It is possible to do additional fitting between the liner and walking boot if needed, identical to fitting a traditional alpine shell and liner.  We use felt or firm foam padding to make the boot narrower in specific areas or to customize the forward lean.

It is also possible to heat fit the inner liner, but we have found this not to be required by most people. If you wish to mold your liner you may choose one of the following options:

  • Ski in them! Your body heat will mold the liners in a couple hours or less.
  • Put them on at home for 2-3 hours. Walk around, read the paper, eat breakfast, and your boots will be ready to go.
  • Visit a local reputable ski shop. The dealer or service location will heat up the inner liner only, have you put on the liner, walking boot and chassis, and allow the liner to cool for up to 30 minutes.  (This process should not be done at home; it should only be done by a qualified ski boot fitting professional.) If your local shop will not perform this service for you, please call us and we will direct you to a shop that will fit your boots. 

Open Chassis Precise edge control

  The signature component of the Apex Ski Boot System. The Open Chassis is a unique design that offers customizable flex that is independent of fit, along with superior stability and precise edge control.

  • Lateral stiffness of chassis & cuff provide a direct connection to your skis and precise control.
  • Tunable A-Flex SuspensionTM. Customizable flex and cuff alignment
  • Nano fiber reinforced for light-weight, high modulus support, and independent control of fit, flex, and closure. Designed to work perfectly with modern shaped skis. 

Walkable Support Boot Warmth & Comfort

  Snowboard boots have always featured a soft exterior and comfort that no ski boot could offer. Snowboarders could perform all day on the mountain, and then walk around at the end of the day in the same boots and never worry about loosening them up. The Apex Walkable Support Boot provides the comfort and warmth of a snowboard boot that you can ski in all day long.

  • Separable from Open Chassis. Provides 360 Degree support without pressure points
  • Full traction outsole for getting to and from the mountain in comfort and safety
  • Locks into Chassis for a solid connection to your skis
  • Boa® Focus Closure System for an infinite range of adjustment and individualized fit.
  • Encourages natural foot function and comfort. No foot distortion as in a traditional ski boot

Custom Fit Liner Fit for you

  A high quality liner is critical to any ski boot. The Apex Custom Fit liner can be heat molded and fit to meet your individual needs. Combined with the Walkable Support Boot it provides added warmth and comfort to enhance your ski experience.

  • Heat-Moldable
  • Expanded neoprene toe-box
  • Lasted to allow for a natural foot position

BOA Closure System Lock & Go

  The ongoing innovations in shaped ski technology require a new approach to ski boot design, fit, and function. Apex boots lock your foot firmly in the heel pocket while providing all-day comfort and precise control.

The first boot built to take advantage of today’s modern skis, Apex fits the way a ski boot should.

  • Glove-Like Fit
  • Powerful Closure
  • Micro Adjustability
  • Fast
  • On-The-Fly
  • Lightweight

Apex Ski Boot Review by Pork Chop

     I had a chance to ski in a pair of the new Apex MC X boots recently at the Stratton Mountain Trade Show. I am a strong, expert recreational skier and normally ski in Lange RS 130 boots. My boots are performance oriented; stiff and have a precise and technical fit. They fit so perfectly, that I must use the thinnest socks possible. If I use a regular ski sock, I will cramp up, but, with the thin sock, I am absolutely comfortable all day long. The boots are an extension of my leg and feet and transmit energy very efficiently to my skis.

     With that said, I was skeptical that the Apex boot, which is so comfortable, warm and easy to get on, could deliver enough performance to make me happy. I figured the trade-off in control would be huge. The sole length, (because Apex boots are really a snowboard boot with a removable frame), is about 16mm longer than a traditional boot. Therefore, theoretically, your leverage on the ski should be compromised. However, the reality is that, although there is a loss of some crispness (I wouldn't race using these boots), that loss is surprisingly minimal. I felt in total control and was able to feel the skis respond as I leveraged them from the balls of my feet. When I skied the boot, I didn't have my custom insoles, which would have made the performance even better.

     My conclusion was this: For those people who put a high priority on comfort; warmth and convenience, and perhaps have had some trouble over the years with all or some of these considerations, the Apex boots could be the answer. They are warmer than a traditional boot with a $200+ heating system; they are extremely comfortable and very easy to get on and off. In addition, the frame can be removed to allow it to be as comfortable as an after ski boot for walking around or hanging out.

-Pork Chop

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