Zag Skis

About Zag

  Our inspiration comes from the mountain, in particular from our great love of backcountry skiing. We want to share our experience of skiing away from the pistes and we decide to develop a ski that made this domain much more accessible to skiers of all levels than ever before. The Zag philosophy is this; to share the joys of freeride skiing with as many skiers as possible. Of course, so that skiing remains a pleasure, it’s important to respect the mountain. Understand that that there is no such thing as zero risk. Zag skis will make all-mountain skiing readily accessible and almost instinctive, so be careful not to get carried away.

Zag's Mission

  • ZAG is THE freeride ski brand “par excellence”. 
  • We devote all of our energies to the pursuit of freeride skiing. 
  • ZAG skis are designed by passionate skiers for passionate skiers! 
  • ZAG is for all those who love powder skiing, touring, heli-skiing... but also for the most demanding piste skiers.

Zag's Philosophy

"To offer you total freedom to ski the whole mountain with skis perfectly adapted to your environment."

Our philosophy is founded on the following principles:

  • To promote the spirit of adventure and freedom that is an inherent part of freeride skiing
  • To constantly innovate and so allow you even more choice of line, speed and feel without compromising on incredible control and ease-of-skiing
  • To allow you to discover new joys from your skiing
  • To uphold the beauty of skiing itself: our skis are designed to perform and to flatter
  • To encourage a passion and respect for the mountain.

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