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Image of Knee Binding Carbon

Color Black/Red - Knee Binding / Brake Width

Vendor: Knee Binding
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Warranty: 1 year
Retail price: $459.00
Price: $399.00
You save: $60.00 (13%)
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Product varieties
  • Color Black/Red - Knee Binding / Brake Width - $399.00

Product details

Gender Unisex
Year 2014/2015
Brake Width 74-90mm
Din Range 3-12

Item description

Knee Binding Carbon Review

  The world's only carbon-fiber binding blends industrial resins with hi-tech carbon fibers to increase strength and rigidity. This makes the coupling even tighter and stiffer, providing more feedback to the skier and more precise transmission of energy to the ski. Our most advanced KneeBinding combines the new standard for retention and release with advanced materials engineering! Key components are made with a blend of carbon fibers for added stiffness, toughness, and world-class retention for aggressive skiing on any terrain or in any conditions. The Knee Carbon was designed and manufactured in the U.S.A for the most important thing on the mountain - YOU. Choose brake size of 80mm, 90mm, 110mm, or 130mm.

  • DIN : 3-12
  • Manufactured in Vermont 
  • Made from the world's lightest, most durable, and finest materials


Why Knee Bindings are different:

  1. They require half the step-in effort
  2. They have 3-D lateral movement for ACL Protection
  3. 32mm stand height
  4. Ultra-wide platform
  5. Maximizes edge hold and leverage



Knee Bindings

Ski better, retain better, AND dramatically reduce knee injuries!

You're at Risk

1/3 of all reported ski injuries involve knee ligaments, including 70,000 torn ACLs (anterior cruciate ligaments) each year. Most require major surgery and many months of painful physical therapy. Over 20% of the injured never ski again.

Ordinary bindings don't have any way to prevent these injuries - not one. Not "diagonal" or "turntable" or "upward toe" releases. Not one of them. All other alpine bindings release sideways at the toe or forward at the heel, and do not have any way to protect your knees.


But Knee Bindings are Safer!

KneeBindings provide a third dimension - a PureLateralTM heel release which can detect the forces that cause most knee injuries, and can release directly sideways before such an ACL injury can occur - all without pre-release issues! The only proven way to mitigate knee injuries on skis is with PureLateralTM heel release and only KneeBinding has it.

These are premium, high-performance bindings - with all the convenience and reliability you'd expect, and even better performance and retention. KneeBindings are better bindings - and they're a whole lot safer.


Knee Binding Specification Review